I Learned A Ton In 2020

2021-01-23 · 1 min read

Quick Update

2020 was by no means a "fun" year. I was one of the lucky ones.

I was able to keep my job. My company was one of the first to order work-from-home (as of now we've been told we will be working remotely until Sept 2021 at the earliest -- that will be 1.5 years without getting my notes from my desk).

I started a new role right as we began working remotely. It is a more technical role than anything else I've done in the past, but still not quite as technical as I want.

I bought a condo in Chicago. It has a yard and Tycho is happy (which means I am happy).

My girlfriend of 10 years proposed to me. It feels the same, just a lot happier!

What Else I've Been Up To

Learning. A lot.

I redid Strumm (again, again, again). I am nearly done. But wow have I learned a ton since I started. An embarrassing amount.

As frustrating as it has been to redo the same project over and over again, I have gotten to "upgrade" it ever time.

I've been building a trading bot and have built my own API to control a number of smart devices in my home. I'm an API guy now.

I also started a new job at Google back in April. I'm a part of the Go-To-Market Strategy and Operations team covering essentially all non-search Ads (YouTube Ads, Display Ads, DV360, Connected TV, etc). It has been a learning experience WORKING on the business rather than SELLING Google -- some of which I like, others I do not. I quickly found out that the team is super formal (filled with ex-McKinsey everywhere) and I do not jive with that culture as much as my previous teams. This, plus my new found love of API driven businesses has driven me to keep a better eye on other companies, roles, etc.

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